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Invest In Company Evolution pictures company finances. The book takes you from company growth as an estimate of fair price growth to share price growth. Who else shows you one structure relating the causes of growth, one inferred table of numbers, and one chart of stock price growth you compare to the chart of company growth? The rest of the book explains how to use these tools. Amazingly, no detailed prior knowledge of investing is required. One company's evolution illustrates timeless concepts applied to various investment strategies, independent of updating the data. You'll quickly become much more financially literate.

Wall Street is in the habit of paying dearly for unexpected changes in growth. You should want to compare the chart of share price growth to the chart of company growth.

If you want to see how revolutionary this book is, ask your company to begin all future Quarterly and Annual Reports to the SEC with their inside front cover Quarterly Data Summary, and guide you to strategy books like our Further Reading.

Why do so many financial websites show you their trend chart of stock price, but in the same window no trend charts for measures of company performance like equity growth or net profit margin? They have the data.

Let your company show you how revolutionary this book is. Ask them to become more transparent by beginning all future Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Quarterly and Annual Reports with their downloadable version of the book's inside front cover Quarterly Data Summary. Your company's Annual Report already displays 3 of the 9 measures for 8 to 12 quarters. Company growth and price growth require many more quarterly rows of all 9 measures. This book shows how.

You may buy the book in two formats: Hardback and Electronic. View the Sample of the 81/2 x 11 book to confirm that the Portable Document Format (PDF) Electronic Book can be viewed on your computer. Resolution of vector graphics may automatically improve with newer computers, and screens, and versions of Macintosh Preview or Adobe Reader.

This beautiful 168 page book includes 500 color, high- resolution illustrations, and a lay-flat binding. Its unique one-page essays are arranged as facing-pages so you understand at a glance, as you see in Style. The Electronic Book format enables quick referencing, printing, e-mailing, projection on big screens, and electronic education. The book was featured first by Stanford University Bookstore. The Electronic-Book was downloaded first by a reader in Istanbul, Turkey.

Bob Goodenough designs minimum-data decision systems. Henry McGilton is co-author of McGraw-Hill programming books that sold 300,000 copies in five languages.

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